ICONIC is the result of a close collaboration between Swedish designers and engineers. The brush head of ICONIC oscillates 130 times per second and removes plaque in the most hard to reach areas, resulting in cleaner teeth, healthier gums and a fresher breath. 

Its silent movement and cool design make ICONIC a jewel in your bathroom and your teeth's best friend. ICONIC is available in 5 silk metallic colors, all with soft touch. Which one is your favorite?



 Metallic soft touch paint with pattern

  • Enhances the visual appearance
  • Soft touch grip improves quality feeling
  • Fits in the modern bathrooms 

Functional design

  • Rounded triangular profile gives the best grip
  • Wide base for stable standing so it won’t tip.  
  • Will not roll over if stored laying down 

Less vibrations

  • Internal parts with silicone rubber suspension 
  • Less vibration and noise for smoother brushing!